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Instant Project Scaffold

Launch weeks earlier and save thousands of dollars in development with our Launchpad instant project scaffold.

Launchpad is a complete, working Ruby on Rails app that is just waiting to have your features built into it. The scaffold enables us to skip building all the basic features that every app must have and get right to building your app's distinctive features.

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Launchpad Features

  • User login & registration
  • Connect with FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
  • My account page
  • Forgot your password
  • Admin dashboard
  • User management
  • User impersonation
  • Subscriptions & Billing

Minimum Viable Process

Your project is built through a series of Sprints—periods of intense work, punctuated by review and learning. Each sprint results in a deliverable. Learning is applied to the next sprint.

Your project will likely consist of many sprints. How many depends on the number and complexity of features.

Sprints are almost always two weeks in length. We may break up more complex features into multiple week-long sprints. Two or more very simple features might be combined into a single sprint.

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Build measure learn

Flight Planning

Flight Planning is an intensive week-long process that culminates with the delivery of a Flight Plan Document: your plan to help you launch your project quickly and with minimal waste.

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