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Every MVP Idea Ever

The ultimate guide to every MVP model ever.

What's Inside?

We've combed the Internet for interesting examples of Minimum Viable Products. There were a lot to choose from! We've picked the best examples we could find and put them together in a way that's hopefully inspirational, hopefully a little informative.

Inside you'll find the following examples:

01. Other People's Technology

Using the power of existing platforms and technology to create something new.

02. Dogfooding

Making something for your own use, and packaging it as a product for customers.

03. The Wizard of Oz

Hiding a manual process behind a veil of automation.

04. Flintstoning

Build your app's critical features but do everything else by hand.

05. The Concierge

Provide highly-customized, valuable service to the customer.

06. The Imposter

Masking a business process that doesn't exist yet, while you build it.

07. The Specialist

A focused, single-featured app that does one thing really well.

08. The Cupcake

Small and desirable, it leaves customers smiling.

09. Multi-Stage Rollout

Build and introduce your complex, heavy product in stages.

10. The Airplane

Take off first, then figure out how to build the airplane.

11. The Piecemeal

String together multiple microservices using API technology.

12. The Kickstarter

Invite passionate early adopters to fund the development of your product.

Minimum Viable Product. Everybody's got an opinion on what that means. Is your slide deck an MVP? Probably not. Our take on what makes an MVP is that it must answer these three questions:

  1. Does someone have a problem or pain that your product will solve?
  2. Can you reach those people with your solution?
  3. Will those people pay for your solution to take away their pain?

We think the most reliable measure of product validation is money: whether or not your customers are willing to pay you money for it.

So what makes a great MVP? How can you prove your product's worth while maintaining the "minimum" in Minimum Viable Product?

That's what this short ebook is about.

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