Dime Giving

Online giving, donor management, and nonprofit accounting.

Dime Giving is a full-featured online giving, donor management, and nonprofit accounting product.

Dime Giving
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Payment Integration

We built Dime Giving based on our Launchpad starter app. The first version of the giving form, including payment gateway integration, was launched after about four weeks of development.

We built Dime Giving based on our Launchpad starter app. Using Launchpad, we were able to quickly prototype the concept and release an alpha version, including credit card processing, in just a few weeks. This "greenfield" app enables us to save lots of time and work at the beginning of a project because most of the common elements that are needed in every web app - user login, registration, admin controls, etc. are already built. Code Repository

Online Donations and Payment Integration

We built several versions of an online donation portal for Dime Giving. The customizable portal allows organizations to raise money for campaigns. Dime Giving Donation Form

For nonprofit administrators, we created quick-access reports that allow listing, filtering, and reporting of donations on a real-time basis. Dime Giving

We built a recurring payment engine that tokenizes and safely stores donors' payment information and processes payments against the client's custom payment integration platform. Dime Giving Donation Form

A custom application form was designed to allow Dime Giving customers to set up a new merchant account with Dime Giving's proprietary payment gateway. Dime Giving

Nonprofit Accounting

Behind the pretty donation page is a powerful nonprofit accounting system. We built a customized double-entry accounting system that allows clients to accurately track income and expenses. Dime Giving

A full-featured chart of accounts is tied to the giving engine, providing true business accounting and powerful reporting. Dime Giving


We built several high-level reports that update in real-time, including charts and visualizations. Dime Giving

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